Exercising after breast implants Houston surgery

One of the doubts a woman who undergoes a breast implants Houston surgery harbors in her mind is if it’s safe for them to start exercising after the surgery, and if yes, how long they should wait to start exercising.

Well, the answer to this is not constant as it varies based on the person, and how strenuous their normal activities actually are. In most cases, it’s possible to resume full activities within 4-6 weeks of the surgery. While normal activities like walking and less strenuous activities are encouraged, it’s important that the incisions are always clean and free of excess sweat at least until the sutures heal completely.


Effect of implants on your physical activities

Breast implants are designed to not only look like normal breasts, but also to mimic a normal breast’s weight, proportion and buoyancy. So they generally don’t affect your physical activities. However the effects of the implants are much more noticeable in those who have had major changes in their breast size where the larger are the breasts, the more likely are the chances of their motion, reach and other physical abilities getting affected.

Some problems women with breast implants Houston worry about exercising are:


Many patients worry the weight of the implants may create back and neck problems like naturally large breasts do. There’s not much to worry about as both saline and silicone breast implants contain about 300 cc of fluid and weighs less than 1.5 pounds. This may change based on the size of the implant you and your plastic surgeon chooses.


Some women worry about a shift or displacement of the implant while moving their arms which in turn may affect their arm moving abilities. The potential for this occurring can be considerably reduced if the implant size is within the natural breast’s diameter.

Sagging or drooping breasts

This is a common complaint of the large breasted, no matter if with implants or not. This is best taken care of by wearing a supportive bra while engaging in activities involving jumping, running, jogging and other sudden movements.

Obstructing range of motion

This is rather difficult to quantify as those who have undergone major breast size changes may initially find their new breasts getting in the way. This is more pronounced in sports requiring lots of arm motion like softball, tennis and golf. However most patients quickly adapt and can compensate for their larger breasts.


Many worry about the pain associated with breasts implants Houston surgery and if it will hamper their sports participation. While the post-surgical discomfort quickly subsides in most cases, in rare cases, there may be chronic pain which can be managed with rest, massage, pain medications and appropriate breast support. It’s in the rarest of cases that the implants have to be removed and perhaps replaced with smaller implants.


Patients also worry about buoyancy and the implants’ effects on swimming, which depends on the type of implant used as saline implants are neutrally buoyant and do not float or sink. Silicone implants are heavier than water and may create a slight and minor sinking effect, which will not affect recreational swimming.

So there are basically no inhibitions about exercising after breast implants Houston surgery. If you have any queries, just discuss it with your surgeon, who will quickly clear them for you.

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