How To Make Proper Protein Shake?

Protein can be quite nutritious for our body, if we know how to make it properly. There are many pre-made brands in the market and we could choose a variety of flavours. We could decide to choose the right ingredients. In general, protein shake is consisted of liquid base and additional ingredients. Protein shake is different with normal milkshake, which is consisted of milk, ice cream and other ingredients, such as nuts and bits of chocolate. In real culinary sense, protein shake isn’t a real shake, because it isn’t whipped up with very thick dairy base products. Protein shake is used by bodybuilders to bulk up and it can have quite high calorific content. Protein shake can be based on coconut milk, soymilk, coconut water and others.

How To Make Proper Protein Shake

Instead of using ice cream, we could use non-fat yogurt to make our protein shake creamier. Greek yogurt is thicker and it could help us make protein shakes creamier. It is advisable to add some nuts or nuts butter as healthy sources of protein. For extra flavouring, we could use chocolate-flavored protein powder and a spoonful of peanut butter to make a tasty choco-peanut protein shake. In many cases, milk is still the common selection of protein shake and it is advisable to choose low fat milk or skim milk, instead of full cream milk. Almond milk or soymilk is also great alternative for people with lactose intolerant. It is a good idea to try different varieties and flavours to get the one that we really like.

Real cocoa powder could give our body health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure for people with hypertension. It is also rich in antioxidants and a scoop of cocoa can provide us with a delicious shake. If prefer less sweet protein shake, we could choose cottage cheese and it could be whipped up to give us the proper texture. Obviously, we should choose the non-fat variant of cottage cheese. Again, because it is protein shake, we should try to bump up the protein content. Dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese and skim milk have enough protein in them. However, it is possible to boost the protein content by adding protein powder that could be made from whey, nuts and egg.

It is actually possible to sweeten our protein shake without sugar. Instead using simple glucose to sweeten our protein shake, we could use sweet fruits. Any sweet fruit should work well, but it depends on our preferences. They can be naturally sweet and provide us with antioxidants and a bunch of other essential nutrients. We could choose honey, but it is a good idea to choose the one with more neutral taste, especially if we use milk, chocolate and nuts in our protein shake. Honey isn’t just an ordinary concentrated glucose; it could actually provide us with more than enough nutrients. It is not a good idea to use artificial sweetener, because it is not yet known whether they are completely safe.

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