Things We Should Do When We Have COPD

In more severe cases, COPD can be quite debilitating and it is important for us to take necessary steps to improve our conditions. We should use a reliable air filter and air conditioner in our home, because they could likely remove some dangerous particulates from our home. It is important to rest during the day and we could exercise to maintain the strength of our lungs. We should take medications that our doctor has prescribed us to slow down the progression of COPD or reverse it. We should discuss with our doctor to decide which rescue and maintenance medicines that are best for us. People with COPD should be able to improve their condition by having proper healthy and nutritious eating habits.

Things We Should Do When We Have COPD

Healthy eating is something essential if we have COPD. People who are overweight could have added stress on their lungs and heart. On the other hand, people who are underweight could have less energy and weaker immune system to fight off infection. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy weight for our overall well being. People with COPD could still enjoy eating if they keep specific things in mind. They can eat while sitting up to ease pressure on their lungs. They should also choose foods that can be prepared easily. They need to eat in clean atmosphere and probably not on the street that can have more air pollution. They need to consume main meal early, so it is possible to maintain energy. One hour before eating, it is advisable to take maintenance medication to make it easier for them to breathe.

If we are short of breath, it is a good idea to rest before eating. If we have oxygen, we could use it a few times during eating because our body needs more oxygen during eating. It is a bad idea to have full stomach, so people with COPD should eat six or five smaller meals each day. Breathing can be more difficult if we have full stomach, because it will push on our diaphragm. To avoid filling up our stomach too quickly, we should drink only at the end of our meal. We need to chew slowly while breathing properly. It is important t avoid eating things that can cause bloating. Other off limit foods may include beans, raw apples, turnips, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, corn, peas, melons, broccoli, cauliflower and onions. Greasy and fried foods could also cause gas build-ups.

We should vary our diet by eating enough meat, grains, cereal, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Sodium may cause our body to retain fluid, so we should limit our salt intake. It may not be a good idea to waste time with non-nutritional food such as soft drinks, candy and snacks. Living with COPD shouldn’t be scary. It won’t be easy to suffer with chronic cough, but we should do ourselves a big favour by removing things that can aggravate our condition. The most essential thing is to make sure that we quit smoking and we should work with the doctor all the time.

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