Why We Should Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods?

Many families try to make an effort to eat more veggies and fruits throughout the day so they can stay healthy. The problem that we may find that grocery store produce may not provide us with the best samples. They could be genetically modified or planted with artificial fertilizers and pesticide. Science has allowed us to create plant varieties that are bigger and grow faster, but still resistant to disease, insects and drought. Although this looks like a good thing at first glance, this technology is still at the center of controversy. There are discussions about possible bad effects of regularly consuming genetically modified (GM) food. So, this technology hasn’t been around that long. There is also a possibility that grocery storms and commercial farms downplay this issue, so they don’t scare consumers away.

Why We Should Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods?

Admittedly, there are no conclusive evidences that GM foods can cause problems, but we could see some indications. We could see that children could have some life threatening food allergies these days. They could be allergic to peanut and fairy products. GM plants actually have new proteins that can interfere with the normal functioning of our body. Some GM plants are designed to resist pests, but in many cases we could achieve this by genetically enhancing these plants to produce more toxins. In fact, we could tell corn or soy plants to produce their own pesticide. Although bugs may not die when they eat the plants, they can be quite repulsive. This could mean that we eventually need to deal with concentrated toxins in our body and there are no guarantees that our body can handle them.

GM food could also be linked to cancer and the premise is quite simple. Genetic modifications are aimed to make organisms grow faster and bigger. Unfortunately, some of the compounds that can boost plant cell into accelerated growth could do the same thing with our own cells. It means, some cells could grow incredibly fast and create tumors. However, this is just an indication and there’s no valid data that can support this. Even so, we shouldn’t take chance with our precious health. GM foods could result in birth defects and this is indicated by some animal studies. Rats that have been feed with genetically altered soy products then to have higher birth defects and lower birth rates. This could put women and infants at higher risk.

Alternatively, it should be quite easy to grow our own veggies and fruits at home. We can start grow them during last weeks of spring and plants can be harvested until early winter. This will cut back on the amount of food we need to purchase from the store. Our families could have less exposure to GM foods and we will gain so many benefits from organic produce. Aquaponic garden should be a good thing to try and it’s should be quite easy to set up. It is very easy for many of us. But, if we have enough space to plant more plants, we should do it. We can make compost and avoid using artificial fertilizer to minimize the amount of chemicals in our food.

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