Sublingual Progesterone Helps In The Optimal Functioning Of The Human Body

Sublingual Progesterone as a C-21 steroid hormone plays an important role when women are about to conceive a baby, during their menstruation period as well as bodily functions of humans and other species. It is a member of a class of hormones which are known as progestogens. In fact, as a major natural human progestogen and a member of the yam family that can produce a steroid known as diosgenin it can also be converted into progesterone with the help of laboratory processing. Many people think that it is related to progestogens which are synthetically produced.

Sublingual Progesterone Helps In The Optimal Functioning Of The Human Body

Apart from originating in humans and certain other animals that can produce this hormone, steroids similar to progesterone can also be found in Dioscorea Mexicana which is a plant that is found in Mexico. Dioscorea Mexicana has a steroid name diosgenin that can be removed and transformed into progesterone. Progesterone and diosgenin can also be found in other sources. In fact, there is also a wild yam named Dioscorea villosa which contains 3.5% diosgenin. A new species called Dioscorea polygonoides has been subjected to extensive lab analysis and found to have a small percentage of diosgenin. Many dioscorea species grow in countries that have tropical and sub-tropical climate.

In women, progesterone levels are found to be quite low during the preovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle and it tends to rise after pregnancy takes place. In most cases, progesterone levels are more than 2 during ovulation and come to less than 5 afterwards. When a woman gets pregnant progesterone levels are initially maintained at luteal levels but the levels start to rise with the onset of the luteal-placental shift in progesterone support of the pregnancy. Progesterone levels fall dramatically after delivery of the placenta and during lactation. When it comes to children, progesterone levels are relatively low. The progesterone levels of adult males are similar to those of women during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle which is only natural.

In general, the human body does not take to progesterone products well when they are administered orally and hence they have to be micronized and taken with oil or fatty foods. It does not dissolve in water, for these reasons as it is common to use products such as Ultrogestan, Prometrium, Microgest and Minagest, which are capsules containing micronized progesterone in oil. One should be aware of the fact that these progesterone products commonly contain peanut oil, which can often trigger an allergic reaction in individuals who take them. To avoid this particular problem, many pharmacies decide to use alterative substances when concocting these kinds of products.

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