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What Is The Future Of Face Recognition Technology?

When the brain power and the memory of the people are fading away, the smartphones are slowly taking its place. Imagine the face of the world with the mobile devices

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Why It Makes Sense To Choose Turkey For Your Hair Transplant

Millions of men all over the world are suffering from premature baldness, and with the advancement of modern technology, new and innovative methods produce amazing results. Many western men mistakenly

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Eat Healthily and Exercise Hard To Have A Healthy Life

There is a growing need for staying fit and flexible in the modern times to avoid and stay away from diseases and ailments. The two most important ways to do

5 Cool Reasons To Have Bacon As A Pizza Topping

There is no doubt that pizza is your favorite delicacy and you love relishing your taste buds once a week. Bacon, another favourite of all just makes the pizza taste

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A Guide On How To Lead A Gluten-Free Life

According to the latest statistics, coeliac disease affects approximately 1 in 100, and with unclear symptoms, many sufferers have been incorrectly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, or another medical condition