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How Has Getting An Optometrist Appointment Changed Due To COVID?

The total number of COVID-19 cases has now exceeded eleven million in the United States. As this devastating disease continues to spread, we’re seeing a new normal established in our

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4 Impressive Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

You feel like you’re missing something from your supplement routine, but you can’t figure out what would best round out your current vitamins. Maybe you’ve heard about vitamin B12 and

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What Is Your Skin Trying to Tell You When Your Face Breaks Out With Acne?

Having your skin break out is uncomfortable and embarrassing. Many people think the solution is to wash more and apply topical acne treatments. While these may help, acne breakouts occur

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Lifestyle Changes to Adopt If You Have A Large Amount Of Weight to Lose

The majority of Americans are overweight. While a few extra pounds won’t cause serious health issues, people who carry around 50 pounds or more of excess weight face long-term consequences

5 Fun Dinner Ideas For Parents At The End Of Their Rope

If the pandemic’s protective protocols are getting to you, and you are looking for different dinner options instead of the same easy mac and cheese, try these ideas to enjoy

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5 Little Health-Conscious Decisions That Make You Feel Better

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illness affects upwards of 10 million people each year. Two of the most common mental illnesses are anxiety and depression. When

It’s Ale About The Ingredients: 5 Recipes That Call For Beer

Beer is far more than just a drink. It’s become a starring ingredient in many great dishes, including plenty that are easy to make at home. If you are looking

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How to Prepare For Your Weight Loss Surgery

Undergoing a weight loss surgery requires you to prepare early to set the ground clear for a successful surgery. There are essential tips you need to exercise in advance for

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How POTS Affects Lives and What Potential Treatments There Are For It

Most people can sit, stand, lie down, and move in between variations of these positions without even thinking about it. However, people who deal with POTS know that changing positions

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What Can Improve Grain Milling For Rural and Low-Tech Farmers

While many people may think today’s modern world of technology-based businesses has bypassed farmers in terms of importance to the U.S. economy, that is not true. In fact, agricultural and