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5 Ways To Have Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle defines our values and attitudes as a group or person. Many of us are used to certain lifestyle that we know from birth. Our family, friends, work and media

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Why Tap Water Could Harm Our Children?

When making baby formula, many parents would use tap water without thinking. It is considered as convenient, cheap and safe. However, we should check the kind of water we use

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Things We Should Do When We Have COPD

In more severe cases, COPD can be quite debilitating and it is important for us to take necessary steps to improve our conditions. We should use a reliable air filter

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Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health benefits of garlic date back to more than a few thousand years ago. As children, many of us dislike the pungent smell of fresh garlic and we weren’t any

How To Start A Proper Weight Loss Program?

It shouldn’t be too surprising to know that many of us are badly overweight. It is said that obesity will soon reach an epidemic level in a decade. People should

Healthy Soy Food Products

People around the world are using soy foods in their healthy diets. In its basic form, soy beans contain complete set of proteins and they are among the easiest to

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Why Ginkgo Biloba May Have Little Effect On Elderly?

It has been suggested by many experts that supplementation with ginkgo biloba could improve cognition and memory in older adults. Although some clinical researches have called this theory into question,

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How To Drink Water Properly?

In any weight loss plan, water should be considered an essential component. It is not possible for our body to rid itself of dangerous toxins without enough water to flush

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How Travellers Can Stay Healthy In Tropical Countries?

Tropical countries are known for their warm and wet climate, which can potentially expose foreign travellers to a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. If we are planning

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What Is Panic Attack (Anxiety Disorder)?

Panic disorder is a real condition that may manifest in different ways. There are many signs of panic attack. Our body may start to shake and quiver, in some cases