Four Upcoming SEO Trends To Dominate The Business World In 2016

2015 has been quite an eventful year for the tech-dominated world. People have witnessed the long-awaited Mobilegeddon update that penalized various sites lagging behind the compliance area of mobiles, a new highly-efficient algorithm for quality content, a sizable overhaul for local rankings and various updates from Google. Additionally, people have also witnessed the upsurge of new digital support technologies and various other types of mobile devices for shaping the future as to promote better user behavior. Combining all these advancements, this year has been quite a prospering one.

Four Upcoming SEO Trends To Dominate The Business World In 2016

Now, the eyes are on 2016 as this year is considered as the upcoming one that may prove to be a major landmark shift. Following here are some of the trends, which are expected to dominate 2016.

Video Content will be Overtaking Written Content for B2C Brands and Industries: Nowadays, written content is noted as the standard option for people even by those, who believe that developing content with different formats is a good idea. Written content is certainly a type of baseline for numerous brands, which are developed in addition with images, infographics, videos and various other mediums that serve as peripheral additions. It is expected that in the year 2016, a set of refined technologies and continuation of prevailing trends will take a shift; thereby witnessing the fact that video will be outpacing the written contents in terms of engagement, reach, effectiveness and ROI.

Mobile Optimization will Gain More Importance Compared to Desktop Optimization: For the past years, desktop has considered as the standard form for search with various mobile users, which is substantially growing in numbers. However, strikingly in the previous year, the number of mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches for first time and further with Mobilegeddon, Google already announced that desktop and mobile traffic are quite on equal footing relatively. This paradigm shift is expected to continue the next year, thereby converting mobile traffic to be more important.

Digital Assistants are expected to Change the Way of Search Queries of People: The modern search engines certainly receive a number of queries from various digital assistants, which are adding up a new advanced layer to complexity of the search. Spoken language queries are likely to be quite different from typed queries, which mean a new type of long-tail keyword queries. This upcoming trend certainly rewards those web pages, which contain conversational and colloquial content.

Social Media Content is Expected to be More Enthusiastically Indexed: Google has deals in place with Twitter and Facebook already and people can observe that once, they search for any kind of item, some tweets appear on the mobile search results. It is expected that in the upcoming year, more number of platforms will be heavily indexed in vaults, which are available to popular search engines like Google.

The SEO marketing has become an elemental part of the promotional mix of an organization and thus, it is essential for entrepreneurs and marketers to stay updated as per the refined technologies, which can be utilized to expand the business outreach. For business professionals with the urge to exploit the upcoming advanced SEO techniques to its best, pay a visit to for detailed information.

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