How To Prepare Our Body For Detox Diet?

There are people who complain of feeling tired all day long. They could say that they get sick much more easily and they just don’t really feel good. In many cases, this problem can be caused by overworked liver, but they could also have hormone imbalance, autoimmune disorder, thyroid problems and other kinds of chronic diseases. Liver exhaustion could cause toxins build up in our body and they could slow down our immune system and make us feel sluggish. This kind of problem can be more common that we might realize. Many things in our diet and environment can overwork our liver. As an example, our body could be subjected to repeated exposures of chemicals from processed food, pollutants and OTC drugs.

How To Prepare Our Body For Detox Diet

One of the preferred solutions is by cleansing our body and easing the burden on our liver. This process is commonly known as detoxification or detox. This is something that we shouldn’t consider lightly. When we have an effective detoxification, our tissue will release toxins into our blood, so that they can be expelled more easily. Unfortunately, this process could burden our liver, especially if we don’t have proper preparation. During detox diet, we should eliminate anything that could make our liver work too hard. As an example, we shouldn’t consume alcohol about two weeks before the detoxification starts to make sure that our liver doesn’t work too hard. It is also necessary to stop eating any kind of processed food, because our liver needs to break down and remove preservatives and other compound.

During the preparation phase, it is recommended to take milk thistle as daily supplementation. It is a gentle herbal treatment that contains a compound that can support our liver, called silybum marianum. It is also suggested to consume NAC supplement, which will be converted to glutathione by our body. Our liver uses glutathione to remove and neutralize toxins, so it will need any extra help it can get. During the start of the detoxification process, we should do this slowly, by eating whole brown rice, vegetables and fruits. Seeds and beans are also acceptable. We can round out the meal with unsweetened tea or fruit juices. We could have this kind of meal for two days, followed by two days of partial fast, where we eat only fruits and drink unsweetened juice.

It is possible that we suffer from headaches and feel quite weak during the fasting phase. In reality, this is a normal symptom and we shouldn’t consider it as something debilitating. After two days of fast, we could get back gently to broader range of food. To maintain results, our regular meals should be dominated by food choices during the detoxification process, such as seeds, beans, brown rice, vegetables, fruits and lean meat, such as fish and chicken breast. It should be a good idea to drink enough water, at least 64 ounces each day. The detox diet should restore our feeling of well being and overall energy level.

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