The Preschool Inside A Nursing Home

One of the biggest challenges that nursing home staff face is preventing feelings of loneliness, isolation and sadness among their residents. Many elderly people have suffered the loss of a spouse or other family member as well as losing contact with immediate family that has moved away. In order to increase the amount of stimulation elderly residents receive, many care homes offer a range of different therapies that are designed to encourage social interaction as well as improve mental and physical function.

The Preschool Inside A Nursing Home

Kid Therapy : A new type of therapy known as kid therapy has been introduced into a number of nursing homes where young children visit nursing homes to interact with residents and bring new life into the environment. Other facilities have taken it a step further and combined nursing homes with preschools to give older people the opportunity to share their wisdom with the younger generation while reaping the benefits of spending time in the company of children.

Intergenerational Learning Centers : Intergenerational learning centers are specially designed facilities that house a preschool inside a residential care home. The children attend the school each day for lessons and creative play and get the opportunity to visit the elderly residents and interact with them for different activities. Care home staff have reported seeing a marked increase in the mood and overall well-being of residents after playing with the children, and social interaction has been linked to delayed mental decline, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of serious disease in elderly people. Children that have regular exposure to elderly people are more likely to show respect to their elders later in life and are less likely to exhibit ageism as they grow.

Additional Therapies For Seniors : There are a number of other therapies that have proven to be effective at encouraging social interaction among care home residents. Horticultural therapy teaches residents to care for plants and flowers either in a garden or in their own rooms. Music therapy is also extremely popular and helps to stimulate the memory and encourage movement. Those that suffer from pain and reduced mobility due to swollen joints may benefit from aquatic therapy as the water supports the joints and eases swelling and pain.

If you or a member of your family requires more information on the therapies available for seniors at our nursing homes, visit our main website for details of our different centers and the facilities they offer. Our skilled nursing team provides the highest possible level of care to our residents in Marietta, GA, and our dedicated team of volunteers is on hand to provide support and companionship to all our guests.

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