Shipping Practices 

Medical products need to be packaged safely and properly so that they reach the destination in one piece without being damaged. Whether it’s a small package with medications or a large crate that has medical equipment, there are a few tips to keep in mind that everyone in the facility can follow before items leave the building.

Shipping Practices

Before you pack anything, you need to examine the protocols that the receiving facility might have in place. Find out if there is anything that the company doesn’t allow and if there are any special procedures that they want you to follow as it will make packing initially easy to deal with so that there isn’t a chance that it’s sent back.

Any medical products packaging that is used should be easy to open and handle. If there is a large item, then consider breaking it down as best as you possibly can so that it’s delivered in two or three boxes instead of one large one that is hard to manage. However, you need to think of the costs that are associated with shipping multiple packages. If it’s less expensive, then it would be the best solution for larger pieces of equipment. Crates are sometimes used to ship larger items, but you need to think about their size and whether they can fit on a standard delivery truck or if the crate would need to be shipped in a certain kind of vehicle. A corrugated container is often lighter and easier to manage, but it’s not going to offer much protection for medical equipment. These containers are often best for lightweight objects that are sent and items that aren’t breakable.

It’s important to have a good relationship with the shipping company. You’ll be able to find out more about the materials that you’re going to need and what works best with certain items that you’re going to ship. If you plan on working with the facility in the future, then consider permanent packaging that can be sent back, allowing you to reuse the materials instead of buying more so that your efforts and money can be used in other areas.

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