Hoarding Disorder: How to Help A Loved One To Recover

Most people do not think much about hoarding. It is their notion that is just an impulse, and it can easily get avoided. The truth is that hoarding is a serious mental condition which should never get taken for granted by anyone who has family members going through it. It is not just unsanitary, but it separates hoarders from the community and even causes ridicule from friends and family. Furthermore, hoarders often live in unhealthy and dangerous conditions even when they have no sense of awareness about it.

The sad fact is that around five percent of our world’s population is hoarders, but only about fifteen percent of them recognizes their condition and know that it is not healthy and normal. Having a family member or close friend who hoards is not easy. Some might try to clean up for them and take their possessions, but it is not the right step to take. Here are some things you can do to help your loved one change and stop hoarding voluntarily.

Do Not Support Their Behavior

Showing love doesn’t mean you support them even when you know it is not right. It is the worst thing you can do since it would just alleviate their situation and cause them to get worst. If you support their hoarding lifestyle, you are encouraging them to ruin themselves and their lives further as well. Do not help them this way but do not criticize them as well. Keep in mind that it is a disease that needs to get cured.

Celebrate Small Accomplishments

When a hoarder tries to fix his self and change, note that it is tough on his part. Therefore, he needs a lot of encouragement and support. Celebrate every single victory with him, even if it is just as small as disposing of a few items he hoarded. It will encourage him to and make him feel good and continue trying to change. If the time comes that he is ready to let go of his possessions, it is best to help him hire a hoarding cleanup Austin to do the job. Do not try to it yourself as many health hazards come with it. Leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Educate Yourself

One of the saddest things about hoarding is that many consider it not dangerous. If you want to help someone dear to you, it is best if you find out as much as you can about this mental health illness so you can know what to do and how to help best. You might want to read through books or online materials. If you can, consult a mental health professional. Once you know more about the illness, it is easier for you to understand what your loved one is going through and you can give the proper support and empathy for him.

Do Not Take Away Their Belongings

Never make the mistake of taking away his possessions thinking it would change him. It will not; it will just aggravate the situation and cause him to hoard more to replace what he lost. Let him take things easy. If he is ready, help him sort his possessions. Keep the ones he needs and help him choose, but do not throw away anything he is not yet prepared to let go.

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