Plan For Your Family’s Needs With Extras Cover

Take a close look at your family’s anticipated medical and wellness needs for the coming year. All families and individuals could benefit from health coverage which is not available through Australia’s Medicare program. Physiotherapy, dental, vision, and psychology services are only a few examples of services which are not covered.

When the costs of these services are added up, an extras cover policy could save your family a significant amount of money each year. Depending on the tier of coverage, up to 40% of the premium could be deductible from your taxes under the health insurance rebate.

Plan For Your Family’s Needs With Extras Cover

A private extras cover policy is an important supplement to Medicare coverage. Many tiers of coverage are available to help meet each individual and family’s needs. A top quality plan could include coverage for:

  • Ambulance services
  • Dental Treatment
  • Alternative/Natural Therapies
  • Medical Equipment
  • Psychology Services
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Health and Lifestyle Programs
  • Podiatry
  • Vision Care
  • Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
  • Pharmaceuticals not covered by PBS

Some examples of services covered under these categories include regular dental cleanings, orthodontic treatment, group and individual therapy, weight loss programs and gym memberships, eyeglasses and vision exams, glucose monitors and nebulizers, and alternative medicine treatments like acupuncture.

Each plan has a different level of coverage for each type of service listed. Be sure to compare all the plans you want to look into and see whether they cover the services you want at the level you need. Families wanting to sign up for extras cover should be sure to estimate the cost of each service they anticipate needing over the course of a calendar year and match it to the benefits list under each plan.

Some services have annual spending caps, such as dental and vision. Others may only cover a percentage of the cost of coverage, like ambulance transportation and medical equipment.

It is also important to plan ahead and make sure your service will be covered under the waiting period. Waiting periods after purchasing coverage are necessary to prevent people from signing up for a program, receiving treatment, and canceling the policy right away. Dental treatment, for example, generally requires a waiting period of 2 months for ordinary procedures and up to 12 months for major work like crowns.

Extras cover program can save families and individuals a significant amount of money each year by paying for services not covered under Medicare. Look into extras cover and find out how much you or your family can save while enjoying the peace of mind associated with better health coverage.

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